Meet Paul

Owner - Paul James-Lecky

Hello, my name is Paul James-Lecky. This page has a bit of information about me and how the WGS story began.

The story begins with an image from a Marvel Xmen comic, in 1992. I had been collecting since I was 15 years and the Gabit image almost hanging off the basket while completing a wild Dunck struck me, as a very strong image.

So I altered it to fit what I wanted and got it printed using some of my university grants.
using Gildan T-shirts, there is a reason for using this particular garment which I will go into
at another time. Unfortunately at that time, I was studying youth and community studies.

This means I did not have the foresight to see what I had created. I completed my studies and became a youth worker part-time and also worked in education as a mentor, with warrior sports as a side Hobby finding people still wanted to buy the clothing. I was also working part-time in retail which was something I felt I was good at, this went on until 2018. This was when the big change took place, as there was a company attached to New Balance also called Warrior Sports.

Using the support of some customers who suggested keeping the name Warrior but adding Global Sports. As we are all warriors in whatever we decide to use to challenge ourselves whether in life or sports and that is Global.

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